Alderete Solar is a full service residential, commercial electrical contractor specializing in solar electric sales and installation throughout greater Southern California area. We specialize in American made materials and hands on experience for over 7+ years. 

Step 1

Professional Consultation- The first step to making solar a reality is to allow Alderete Solar to give you a free no obligation consultation with our Solar experts 

Step 2

System Design/Layout- The second step is to allow us to visually measure your roof online and locate the solar panels in the most efficient roof possible. 

Step 3

The Installation- Installation by true professionals with decades of solar experience. We don’t just put the panels on the roof, we are on the roof physically double check for least amount of visual aesthetic impact for you and the neighbors. Alderete Solar takes pride in making the installs be as clean and hidden as possible.  

Step 4

Final inspection and Power up- After all the proper inspection are made with the Local building/fire authorities and utility companies, it’s time to POWER UP and SAVE MONEY!!!    

Step 5

Following above information will allow us to guarantee the Solar performance of your system