Not every job is horrible to work at, we were blessed to work on the 18th green of a beautiful private course. This system includes 46 Solar World 300 watt modules with Solar Edge inverter and power optimizers to maximize performance! For those who Demand only the Finest!

This System was special!! It includes Solar Worlds elite 340 watt all Black panels with Solar Edge technologies inverter and optimizers to increase performance!! You wont see many residential houses with these sleek modules!! For Those Who Only Demand the Finest!

This is one of Alderete Solars signature installs. Including 60 Solar World panels and Solar Edge inverters with Power optimizers to maxmize efficiency!!! Notice how we installed all three small arrays parrellel to the slope and facing due south to keep the visual Aestetics down but increse the production!! For Those Who only Demand The Finest!

This a clean and complete install including Solar world solar panels with enphase micro inverters to maximize performance!! We kept the sytem installation looking clean by relocation unwated roof vents!!

For those who demand only the finest!!!

This is a 42 solar world panel system in talega san clemente. It inlcudes enphase micro inverters to maximize performance!