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Alderete Solar is a full service residential, commercial electrical contractor specializing in solar electric sales and installation throughout greater Southern California area. We specialize in American made materials and hands on experience for over 7+ years. 

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Solar Panels Installed on Home Roof
Cost & Benefits

Many people believe that solar systems are extremely expensive and out of reach, but this is actually a common misconception. With the current power companies (SDGE/SCE) rates only increasing, and the 30% federal tax credits available until the end of the year, solar systems ROI is typically @ 4 years or more. 

Since most panels are under warranty for 20- 25 years, you will be receiving free power for the majority of your solar system lifetime!

Up Close View of Solar Panels on Home Roof
  • 100% Financing Available
  • PACE/HERO Certified Installers
  • Energy Loan Network Approved
  • Guaranteed Solar Performance 
  • Industry Leading Manufacturer Warranties 
  • USA Manufactured Materials
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  • Solar Installation in San Clemente


  • We got solar and the Alderete Team could not have been more professional, awesome and amazing!!!!  Love our solar love the Alderete Team for helping us every step of the way.

  • Over the years I have spoken with many of my neighbors about getting a pool. The one name that comes back over and over is Alderete Pools. People always complain about contractors but I've never heard anyone say anything bad about Alderete. Actually people sing praises about these guys.

  • I can't say enough about the Alderete family.....Not only did they do a very thorough and professional job on our families pool and solar....but they were always punctual and efficient with their work and above all held the customer #1

    Example....during construction of our pool some debris was blown into my neighbors pool and rather than creating angry neighbors and drama for everyone the Alderete paid for a cleaning of my neighbors pool out of their own's all about the customer....

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